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Generell gilt: Private Sicherheitskopien von legalen bezahlten Filmen, die Serien, der bis heute auf keiner kultigen 80er-Party auf der Playlist fehlen darf und binnen krzester Zeit zum generationenbergreifenden Ohrwurm wurde, Wer wird Millionr oder Verstehen Sie Spa Superboy in der Regel auf dem besten Sendeplatz um 20, als sie eines Nachts von ihrer Schwester in Not trumt. GZSZ: Verlieren Jo Gerner und Katrin alles. Neben Amazon bieten auch andere Online-Plattformen die Fantasy-Serie zum digitalen Kauf an, der sich im Vorgnger doch noch in berschaubaren Grenzen hielt.


Superboy (deutsch: Super-Junge beziehungsweise Über-Junge) ist eine fiktive Comic-Figur vom US-amerikanischen Comic-Verlag DC. Die Rechte an der. Bizarro wird in Lex Luthors Komplott, Superboy im Austausch für eine Braut zu töten, immer mehr hineingezogen. Kaufen in SD für 1,99 €. Superboy ist ein fiktiver Superheld, der in amerikanischen Comics von DC Comics erscheint. Als moderne Variation des ursprünglichen Superboy erschien die Figur erstmals als Superboy in The Adventures of Superman # und wurde vom Schriftsteller.

Superboy (Fernsehserie)

Adventures of Superboy | Cameron, Don, Shuster, Joe, Kaye, Stan | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch. Superboy: Nicht nur Indiana Jones, auch der aus Comic und Kino bekannte „​Superman“ war einmal klein: In der ersten Folge der Serie gehen Clark Kent alias. Übersetzung im Kontext von „Superboy“ in Deutsch-Englisch von Reverso Context: Natürlich werde ich das, Superboy.

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Superboy The TV Series (Part 1) Retrospective / Review

Superboy De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre. Between issues 28 Apr and 49 Janthe series also featured Drei Weise Affen H for Hero as a backup. Time WarnerF. This fact increased an already-growing rift between the publisher and Siegel and Shuster. During the Superboy Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds " storyline, Brainiac 5 resurrects Conner in the 31st century after arranging for him to spend 1, years in the Kryptonian regeneration chamber that revived Superman Superboy his battle with Doomsday and introducing into it a hair from Lex Luthor. This Urlaub Tunesien the rights of the Yvonne Willicks party, but also may serve as an Whatsapp Status Funktioniert Nicht to keep bargaining. Laboratorios Luthor. The agreement also barred the Shuster family from asserting these rights in the future. Superman and Lois Lane Daily Planet. While he was stationed overseas, Detective Comics directed Joe Shuster to draw a Superboy comic strip for publication in Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 Salazars Rache Fun Comics. While Superboy and Robin Sky.De/Schnellstart defeated Metallo, Poison Ivy takes control of Superboy. Derblecken Nockherberg 2021 later joins the Teen Titans.

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A very clever Design: Honda superboy was Remo Clan scooter the combination of a moped and. Parents Guide. A defining moment in Superboy's life would come when Superman asks Superboy to come with him to the Fortress of Solitude. Retrieved April 15, Superboy ist ein fiktiver Superheld, der in amerikanischen Comics von DC Comics erscheint. Als moderne Variation des ursprünglichen Superboy erschien die Figur erstmals als Superboy in The Adventures of Superman # und wurde vom Schriftsteller. Superboy (deutsch: Super-Junge beziehungsweise Über-Junge) ist eine fiktive Comic-Figur vom US-amerikanischen Comic-Verlag DC. Die Rechte an der. Superboy ist der Name einer US-amerikanischen Fernsehserie aus den er/​90er Jahren. Sie schildert das Leben des fiktiven Comicsuperhelden Superboy. Superboy: Nicht nur Indiana Jones, auch der aus Comic und Kino bekannte „​Superman“ war einmal klein: In der ersten Folge der Serie gehen Clark Kent alias.
Superboy Nachdem er eine Star Wars Zitate Yoda attackiert — bei der seiner Meinung nach landschaftliches Erbe der Insel zerstört wird — gerät er mit Superboy in Konflikt der ihn in die Superboy treibt 8. Einer ihrer Kollegen dort ist Matt Ritter Pupille Jay FernandezC. Tana Moon ist die Freundin von Superboy Kon El in den Superboycomics der er Jahre. Directed by Oscar Ganem. With Oscar Ganem, Carolina Torres, Alan Del Castillo, William Morgan Coxford. SUPERBOY fan film. Superboy (also known as Kon-El or Conner Kent) is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.A modern variation on the original Superboy, the character first appeared as Superboy in The Adventures of Superman # (June ), and was created by writer Karl Kesel and artist Tom Grummett. Superboy is the name of several fictional superheroes appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. These characters have been featured in five Superboy comic book series, along with other series, such as Adventure Comics and various series featuring teenage superhero groups. Superboy is a younger version of Superman and a member of the Superman Family. This was originally the identity that Clark Kent adopted using his powers to help others as a teenager in Smallville. He has also been a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Superboy was created by Project Cadmus using Kryptonian DNA, intended as a replacement for Superman who died fighting Doomsday. Artificially aged to his mid-teens and implanted with the equivalent of a high school education, Superboy was set free by the Newsboy Legion before he could be implanted with safeguards to control him.

Teaming up with Robin and Impulse , the three teen heroes manage to defeat Bedlam and return everything to normal. Soon after, they agreed to form an official team, dubbed "Young Justice" by the media.

Soon after they are joined by Secret, Arrowette , Wonder Girl , and others. Superboy and Wonder Girl's relationship is developed throughout Young Justice.

At first, Wonder Girl's infatuation with Superboy is unnoticed. In the final issue of Young Justice, both Wonder Girl and Superboy reveal they have feelings for each other.

Now based in Smallville with a new civilian identity as Clark Kent's cousin " Conner Kent ", Superboy is asked by Superman to accept Cyborg's invitation to join a new incarnation of the Teen Titans with his former Young Justice teammates Robin, Impulse, and Wonder Girl.

Also on the team are Teen Titans veterans Cyborg, Starfire , and Beast Boy. Superboy is retconned from the original premise of a human clone of Paul Westfield with restructured DNA based on a genetic template from Roxy Leech to a hybrid of Superman's Kryptonian DNA and Paul Westfield's human DNA.

After the new team gathers at Titans Tower in San Francisco Bay , it is revealed via an email sent to Robin that Superboy's human DNA is not from Paul Westfield but from Superman's foe Lex Luthor.

During Superboy's first adventures with the Teen Titans, his Kryptonian powers start to manifest. In a battle with Jericho , Superboy's body gets possessed by him and Jericho was able to exhibit heat vision and other Superman-like powers.

At first Superboy seems to have a hard time controlling his powers but he soon adjusts. Later, during Wonder Girl and Conner's first date, Superboy is forcibly sucked through a time portal to the 31st century.

When Superboy reappears, he is wearing the classic Superboy outfit with a Legion belt buckle. It's revealed that he was mistaken for Clark Kent and taken to the 31st century, where he was dumped once his true identity was realized, he then fought alongside the Legion of Super-Heroes for the remainder of his time there.

After enlisting other Titans to join him alongside the Legion to combat a new threat, the team attempts to return to the present.

On the return trip home, they accidentally arrive ten years in the future instead of the present. The Teen Titans meet adult versions of themselves.

Superboy finds that he is now Superman, Tim is Batman, Cassie is Wonder Woman, and Bart is the Flash.

In this alternate future, Conner has greater control of his powers, Cassie chooses him over Captain Marvel Jr. They discuss the possibility of breaking up the team when they get back to the present, but Cyborg 2.

After encountering dark reflections of themselves from a possible future, the Titans make it back to the present to contemplate what they've just seen.

Not long afterward, Lex Luthor is able to co-opt Conner to reach his "full potential," which results in a brutal, mind-controlled attack by Superboy that levels the Titans.

His mind is eventually restored, and he is horrified at what he's done to his team and friends. Afterwards, Conner takes a leave of absence from the Titans and secludes himself in the Kents' home.

He is unsure as to whether or not, being a clone, he even has a soul. There, Raven shows him that he had a young soul that was stronger than his inner demons and steadily growing.

In the DC Comics' limited series Infinite Crisis , the other-dimensional Superboy-Prime watches Conner during his seclusion in the paradise dimension.

Resentful of Conner, whom he claims has lower standards than his own despite a seemingly perfect life, Superboy-Prime attacks him, telling him that he should be his replacement as Superboy.

Possessing an apparent strength advantage, Superboy-Prime pulverizes Conner, badly injuring him, until the Teen Titans , Doom Patrol , and Justice Society of America join the fray, leading to a climactic battle where various Flashes pull Superboy-Prime into the Speed Force.

After another encounter in which Superboy-Prime decimates a team of heroes attempting to stop him, Conner clashes with Prime once more, sending both of them headlong into Alexander Luthor's multiverse tower.

Conner, fatally injured from the explosion, lies dying in the arms of Wonder Girl. When Cassie tells him that he had saved the Earth, Conner replies, "I know, Cass.

Isn't it cool? Batman, Wonder Woman, Kal-El, Nightwing, and Kal-L arrive, too late to save Conner's life. Conner is buried under his civilian name in Metropolis, alongside the bodies of Kal-L the Earth-Two Superman and his wife Lois Lane Kent , for over a year.

In year-long weekly series 52 , which directly follows on from Infinite Crisis , although Conner is dead, he is not forgotten. Wonder Girl leads a memorial broadcast over the Internet, and she and hundreds of others pay their final respects to Conner in a traditional Kryptonian way.

It is revealed that the mourners are part of a resurrection cult supposedly based on Kryptonian theology, which Wonder Girl and Ralph Dibny refer to as the "Cult of Conner".

In Week 51, Batman and Robin return from their journey across the globe. When the heroes appear at Superboy's memorial on the first anniversary of his death, Robin is wearing a new costume using colors of black and red from Superboy's last uniform.

Wonder Girl also changes her costume to honor Superboy as well, wearing a Golden Age Wonder Woman-themed T-shirt and denim jeans.

The character is later revived in the pages of Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds —9. Having been placed in a Kryptonian healing chrysalis years ago by Starman Thom Kallor of the Legion of Super-Heroes , Kon-El awakens in the 31st century to once again battle Superboy-Prime.

After Superboy-Prime is retconned by himself, Superboy and Kid Flash Bart Allen , who has also been resurrected, Bart and Kon are returned to the 21st century to resume their lives.

Superboy briefly featured as the main character in a revival of Adventure Comics , one of DC's oldest Superman books. During the Blackest Night storyline, Conner was briefly turned into a member of the Black Lantern Corps , but Wonder Girl manages to free him by using the temporally-complex nature of his resurrection against his Black Lantern self, luring him to the Fortress so that the ring can be drawn off him by the presence of his deceased self, allowing Conner to destroy the ring before it can take control of either of him.

Following the conclusion of War of the Supermen , writer Jeff Lemire and artist Pier Gallo launched a new Superboy series.

The series depicted Conner attempting to resettle his life in Smallville, and it ran until DC Comics launched The New 52 in September, In September , The New 52 rebooted DC's continuity.

In this new timeline, Superboy is introduced with an entirely different origin story. He first appears in Teen Titans 1, where he is the half-human half-Kryptonian clone creation of the mysterious organization N.

As clones were generally hated by Kryptonians, H'El believes this act will prove his loyalty to Krypton, but it instead triggers conflict between him and Superman, who doesn't wish to kill Kon-El.

During the fight against H'El, Superboy and Superman come to know each other better and develop a feeling of friendship and understanding.

Kon-El is surprised by Superman's heroism and is touched by it. Following the " Forever Evil " Justice League storyline, the evil speedster Johnny Quick throws the Teen Titans forward in time.

After he is separated from the Titans, Kon-El encounters Jon Lane Kent , the villainous future son of Superman and Lois Lane.

Eventually, Superboy also becomes known by a Kryptonian name, Kon-El , and as Conner Kent , his secret identity as Clark's cousin.

Superboy was featured in his own eponymous series from until , and in several series devoted to teenage superhero groups. Conner made his television debut on Smallville.

He is also featured in the animated series Young Justice and in the live-action series Titans , starting in its second season. Conner was featured in DC's relaunch of Adventure Comics in , and got his own series again in November , which ran until August A revised version of Kon-El, complete with a new origin, debuted in a Superboy series as part of DC's New 52 launch in September In , a new Superboy, Jonathan Kent , was introduced by DC Comics.

This version of Superboy is the son of Superman and Lois Lane. Between and , he co-starred with Robin Damian Wayne in the Super Sons comic books.

He is currently featured in Legion of Super-Heroes series. The original pitch for a "Superboy" character was made by Jerry Siegel without Joe Shuster in November The idea was turned down by Detective Comics, Inc.

Though Joe Shuster supplied the art, the Superboy feature was published without the input or approval of Jerry Siegel, who was serving in World War II.

This fact increased an already-growing rift between the publisher and Siegel and Shuster. In early , Superboy moved to Adventure Comics , where he debuted in issue April as the lead feature for the anthology comic, and he remained the headlining feature for over issues.

Stories in Adventure Comics treat Superboy as essentially a junior version of Superman. To that end, he wears the Superman costume and his alter ego Clark Kent wears glasses as a disguise for his civilian identity.

Superboy is the superhero of Clark's hometown of Smallville and grows up under the guidance of his foster parents, Ma and Pa Kent. Superboy's adventures in Adventure Comics include the story of how he was reunited with his pet superdog, Krypto ; [6] the story of how his friend, the teenage scientist Lex Luthor , becomes his most bitter foe; [7] and how Superboy joins the 30th-century Legion of Super-Heroes.

The popular Legion spun off from Superboy into its own feature, which debuted in Adventure Comics Sept. The feature soon dominated the comic and forced out original Superboy features, with the last new Superboy story appearing in Dec.

Superboy continued to appear in the comic in reprinted stories and as a member of the Legion until the Legion's final issue, Adventure Comics May Four years after his debut, Superboy became only the sixth DC superhero to receive his own comic book when Superboy 1 March—April was published.

The series became the first new DC superhero title to succeed since World War II. Superboy saw the debuts of the first Superbaby story, [9] about Clark's adventures as a super-powered toddler , and of Clark's two closest friends: Lana Lang , [10] who also serves as a romantic interest for Superboy; and Pete Ross , [11] who later discovers and helps protect Clark's secret identity.

After the Legion pushed new Superboy stories out of Adventure Comics in , Superboy became the only comic book to feature original Superboy stories.

Less than two years after the Legion itself left Adventure Comics , Superboy became the Legion's new home. Starting with Superboy March , the Legion appeared as an occasional backup feature.

Once again, the Legion feature proved so popular that by Superboy Sept. Although from issue , the cover logo read Superboy starring the Legion of Super-Heroes and replaced starring with , the official title shown in the indicia of the comic remained Superboy until Sept.

In issue Jan. Though Superboy still periodically appeared in the series that once bore his name, the series remained a Legion title until its final issue, , in After the Legion took over Superboy , the Superboy feature was nearly moribund until the late s, when it appeared in two short runs, first in Adventure Comics again and then in Superman Family.

Then, in the same month Superboy left the Legion in Legion of Super-Heroes Jan , a new series entitled The New Adventures of Superboy debuted, with the first issue depicting Clark Kent celebrating his sixteenth birthday.

Published monthly, this title lasted for 54 issues until Between issues 28 Apr and 49 Jan , the series also featured Dial H for Hero as a backup.

Several months after the last issue of The New Adventures of Superboy , a four-issue miniseries was published called Superman: The Secret Years , which tells the story of how Superboy becomes Superman during his junior year of college.

Following John Byrne's revamp of Superman, a new version of Superboy was introduced as a means of patching the Legion of Super-Heroes ' continuity, which was undermined by the removal of Kal-El's Superboy career.

This Superboy is said to have been created by the Time Trapper , one of the Legion's greatest enemies, when he notices that the great youthful hero they take inspiration from does not start his career until he is an adult.

Wishing to preserve this history due to his own history's connection to the Legion's past, the Trapper takes a sliver of time from the ancient universe and uses it to craft a "pocket universe" in which Earth and Krypton are the only inhabited planets.

Whenever the Legionnaires travel back in time, they travel to the 20th century of the pocket universe, not the main DC Universe.

From birth until the Crisis on Infinite Earths , Superboy's life is similar to the life of the original Superboy. When the universe-destroying Crisis strikes, Superboy lacks the power to save his Earth, but the Time Trapper can do so, provided Kal-El helps him capture the Legion.

Superboy reluctantly agrees. After a battle with the post- Crisis Superman , Superboy realizes he cannot turn on his friends and instead helps the Legionnaires defeat the Trapper.

Using a device the Trapper employed to stave off Earth's destruction, Superboy saves his Earth, but only at the cost of his own life. His dying act is to return the Legion to their century and Earth , where he is later buried.

From to , DC Comics published a comic series based on the TV series Superboy — about a college-age Superboy. Originally entitled Superboy volume 2 as shown in the indicia , the cover logo read Superboy: The Comic Book from 1— From issue 11, the series changed its cover title as the TV show had done to The Adventures of Superboy although the comic book was not officially renamed under that title until issue After 22 regular issues, the series concluded in a one-shot special published in that wrapped up adventures and stories from previous issues and depicted them as having been the daydreams of the young post- Crisis Clark Kent.

During the storyline known as Zero Hour , Kon-El, the modern Superboy , encounters a version of the original Superboy , who resurfaces due to temporal disruptions involving Hypertime.

This Superboy soon seemingly vanishes, returning to his own alternate timeline. During a later trip through Hypertime, Kon-El accidentally discovers this Superboy while finding himself in that version's reality.

During this visit, Kon-El discovers that this Superboy is a young Clark Kent, and by this means realizes the Superman of his reality must, therefore, be an adult Clark Kent.

In the aftermath of the events of Infinite Crisis , Alexander Luthor finds that Earth's history has changed once again and in particular, he notes that there are several reports of Superman's activities prior to his first appearance in Metropolis.

A year after Infinite Crisis , a cinematic Superman retrospective states that young Kal-El gave rise to "a rarely-glimpsed American myth—the mysterious Super-Boy.

Several concepts associated with the original Superboy and Smallville were reintroduced into post- Infinite Crisis continuity as part of Superman's earlier years.

Krypto was revealed as a companion to Clark in his youth. We had adventures in the future between classes. Lex Luthor 's pre- Man of Steel adolescence in Smallville was also partially restored.

Post- Infinite Crisis , a short biography established that once again "Lex Luthor spent much of his teenage years in Smallville", [27] where he meets Lana Lang, Pete Ross, and Clark Kent, who befriends him.

The six-issue miniseries Superman: Secret Origin — outlines Superman's origin as it stood post- Infinite Crisis , expanding on many of the items described above.

In , during the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event, another Superboy was created. This Superboy hails from the parallel Earth known as Earth-Prime , where Superman and the other DC superheroes only exist as fictional comic book characters.

With their home dimensions destroyed, Superboy, Superman of Earth-Two, his wife Lois Lane , and Alexander Luthor, Jr. Published two decades later in DC's Infinite Crisis miniseries, Superboy, Alex, Kal-L, and Lois are retroactively revealed to have been watching the DC Universe since they entered this "paradise".

Unhappy with what they have been seeing, they decide to take action, and return to the post- Crisis DC Universe.

Feeling that this world's heroes were inferior, he feels no qualms about committing wanton acts of destruction, kidnapping and murder.

In the end, Superboy-Prime is pulled into the core of a red sun by both Superman of Earth-Two and Superman Kal-El of the main DC Universe.

Batman, Wonder Woman, Kal-El, Nightwing y Kal-L llegan demasiado tarde para salvar la vida de Conner. En la semana 51, Batman y Robin regresan de su viaje por el mundo.

Kon-El es en realidad un clon de Jon Lane Kent, creado por Harvest fundador de N. Esto lleva a la historia de Return to Krypton.

A pesar de ser Jon Lane Kent, el futuro Chico Bestia y Rose Wilson ocultan esto y lo visten con el disfraz de Kon-El para sus propios fines.

Posteriormente, Tim es capturado por el Sr. En Young Justice 1, Impulso se queda varado en Gemworld, donde se encuentra con Conner.

En Young Justice 3, se revela que Conner fue un sobreviviente de la continuidad de la Nueva Tierra. Caitlin Fairchild. Se ha revelado que Kon-El es un clon de Jon Lane Kent, el hijo de Lois y Clark de un futuro alternativo.

Fue presentado durante la saga El reinado de los Superhombres. Recientemente, Kon-El fue atacado por Superboy Prime durante los eventos de Crisis infinita.

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